TherapyMate Features

Practice Management Software for Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists and Psychologist, Practice Management made simple, smart, scalable, and secure with easy to use scheduling, reminders, therapy notes, billing, income & expense tracking and business management in a subscription cloud hosted environment.

Optimized Workflow

TherapyMate provides a personalized Dashboard, where you will see your calendars, today’s schedule, who’s coming in, what they are coming in for, if they have a balance due, if you have a credit card on file and reminders specific to each client. You can easily create new appointments, automatically send text and email appointment reminders, view future appointments for a client, create new clients, add clients to a waiting list, create therapy notes and take payments.

  • Calendar

    The TherapyMate calendar is a powerful tool for scheduling single or recurring appointments, non-clinical events, and managing staff. Its day view helps you to see who’s coming, what the client is coming in for, client balances, scheduled office locations, reminders and tasks. Its week and monthly views provide a high-level view of your scheduled appointments. For multi-clinician practices its staff calendar view is where you can see all of the schedules for each clinician side by side for the entire day and week.

  • Reminders

    TherapyMate helps you remember and efficiently perform common tasks by displaying reminders for each appointment and summarizing them in a table for all clients. TherapyMate automatically generates reminders to complete common tasks associated with certain events. For example, when you schedule a client’s first appointment, it generates a reminder to gather insurance information and Intake information. Each clinician can customize which reminders they want to see automatically on their Dashboard.

  • Mobile

    Manage your practice with our Mobile App! View and make changes to your schedule, mark appointments as missed, delete appointments, add new appointments, add new clients and view your client contact information. Just the features you need when you are on the go. Available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

  • Waiting List

    TherapyMate provides shortcuts to common actions. For example, you can view all future appointments for a client by clicking on the Future Appointments shortcut. This allows you to see all of a client’s upcoming appointments and print a copy to give to the client.


Electronic Health Records

Great records are essential to running a successful practice. Each client has their own chart where you can track personal information, medical histories, outstanding client and insurance company balances, payments, pre-authorizations and session notes. You can import existing clients from another program using a CSV file. Scan and upload other documentation into their chart like insurance cards, H.I.P.A.A. agreements, releases and other pre-admission paperwork so you have everything together in one place.

  • Therapy Notes

    You can quickly and easily create individual and group notes using our pre-defined templates. We provide the following note templates: Intake, Treatment Plan, Progress, Process, Psychological Evaluation, Group, Contact, Termination and Missed Appointment. You can also upload and store other documentation in a client's chart. You can use speech to text capabilities to dictate notes verbally if you wish.

  • Client Information

    When you start seeing a new client you’ll need a place to store all of the information you’ve collected about them. In TherapyMate we make this easy so you can enter and track personal information, primary & secondary insurance information, treatments & medications, individual & family health histories and other demographic information.


Insurance & Client Billing

TherapyMate’s billing and payment features are well integrated with other parts of the program to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend sending statements, tracking claims and recording payments. Total revenue information is summarized and displayed by month, quarter, year and year over year.

  • Billing

    We make it easy to see all of the services you’ve provided to a client. You’ll be able to see client & insurance balances, payment histories and pre-authorizations. You can designate how each client will pay for your services and you can even designate a different billing method when collecting from insurance providers. When it comes time to bill for your services we give you several options: Clearinghouse Batch Files, CMS-1500s, Bill Service Reports, Client Statements and Super Bills. Availity, Claim.MD, Navinet and Office Ally are supported Clearinghouses.

  • Payments

    Collecting client & insurance provider payments is quick and easy. You can record payments, allocate charges and apply adjustments. Accept any form of payment that you desire such as cash, check, or credit card and also take payments in advance. All payment information is captured and displayed in one place so you can see a complete history on each client. Using our integrated credit card processor, you can even keep a client’s credit card on file to save time and minimize the disruption that occurs when processing payments during each visit.


Business Management

TherapyMate goes beyond calendars, scheduling, notes and billing. We provide additional business management tools to help you grow, track income & expenses and store business related documentation in a secure, paperless environment.

  • Growth Potential

    TherapyMate supports single clinician or larger multi-clinician practices with one or more office locations. Each clinician also has comprehensive practice settings where they can tailor TherapyMate to meet their individual requirements such as office hours, locations, reminders, service codes, billing rates and much more. If your practice employs supervisors, schedulers, billers or accountants, you can set permissions for each user so they only see the information that is necessary to get their job done. As you can see, TherapyMate will meet your needs today and into the future.

  • Track Income & Expenses

    At the end of the day you’ll want to know how much money you’ve earned and spent in your practice. TherapyMate automatically tracks your gross income as you enter payments from clients and insurance providers. You can record business expense, upload scanned copies of receipts, manage suppliers and define expense categories. You can establish a budget and track actual spending against that budget. You can view income and expense information by month, quarter, year to date and compare it to last year’s results. You can even export the data in an Excel compatible format for tax purposes.

  • Electronic Filing Cabinet

    You probably already know that documents related to each client can be stored in TherapyMate. What about all of your non-client related information? We have you covered with our cloud- based e-filing cabinet. You can scan business documents such as paneling agreements, government documents, learning aids, insurance policies and client forms and store them in TherapyMate. The virtual filing cabinet drawers and folders are customizable by you. Now you can go paperless, provide a more secure storage environment and eliminate all of those metal filing cabinets from your office.


Compliance & Security

Achieving peace of mind when it comes to audits, compliance and security is something we can help with as a business associate. TherapyMate’s security, compliance and data protection features can be used as part of your overall strategy to achieve H.I.P.A.A. compliance.

  • Audits

    Going through an audit can be a very nerve racking & time consuming experience. TherapyMate helps you stay organized and to make this process much easier. Our industry standard note templates will help you properly document important client information. We even remind you when you haven’t created or completed the particular note. Producing notes electronically keeps them legible, well organized and more secure that paper based methods. We follow best practices when it comes to strong passwords, PCI compliant credit card storage and H.I.P.A.A. requirements.

  • Availability

    TherapyMate is hosted in a state-of-the-art, highly secure, highly redundant and highly available data center. This means you can enjoy 99.99% availability to your TherapyMate subscription and your practice information, anytime, anywhere you have a reliable connection to the Internet.

  • Protection

    We have robust controls and systems in place at TherapyMate to maintain security and data protection. TherapyMate is hosted in an ISO 27001 & SOC 1 (formerly SAS70) Certified Data Center. We also encrypt our databases and application access so your client’s information is kept backed up, safe and H.I.P.A.A. compliant.


Interested in testing out all of these features yourself?